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This is definitely one of the more interesting fighting games which I have ever played. I remember playing the SNES port of the game, and when I had learned to play the game as it was radically different from Street Fighter, I found that it was a decent game.

Many summers were played with this game, and it wasn’t until.. 2009 which I managed to get the Art of Fighting Anthology game. It was the closest to the arcade port which I could play and it was a lot harder than the SNES version. Still a fun game to play.


Art of Fighting
Art by Eisuke Ogura


Art of Fighting

Art by Eisuke Ogura

FMW - One Way Heart
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Megumi Kudo’s main entrance theme from the long defunct but not forgotten Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling promotion. I particularly like this theme song because of just how rockin’ it is.

Perfectly suited for one of the most hardcore Japanese women wrestlers out there. This is the theme to a veteran who has fought hundreds of hardcore battles in the ring against impossible odds.

From Social Justice on Tumblr, I Have Concluded That:


- You people support segregation, in which I can not share my culture with my white friends.

- You people hate interracial relationships, because “preference” means “fetishization”

- You people strip identity, separating us as “white” or “PoC”

- You people expect us to let you speak on our terms. To speak for us on how we are suppose to feel.

I am to believe that you guys are on the side of equality? …

You are no MLK.

You are a joke.


A four minute segment from the television New Age and Paranormal documentary series Strange Universe, which aired sometime between 1996 to 1998. This particular segment discusses the negative and positive uses of Qi and it’s applications and uses. They even mention a technique similar to the Hadouken from Street Fighter fame and it’s lethal use.

As incredible as this sounds, this isn’t the first time lethal techniques involving energy has been discussed and scrutinized. For many years there has been the discussion of Qi and the legendary Dim Mak that’s been floating around in numerous martial arts circles.

Whether you believe in Qi and the untapped human potential, is all up to you. But it pays to keep an open mind.

Promoting my RP Blogs!

I know that I have interacted with numerous roleplay blogs via this particular one but really, this is not at all a roleplay blog. It was never meant to be a roleplay blog and it most definitely never will be. This blog was solely meant for me to post whatever catches my interest and possibly whatever thoughts I might want to share and informational news I happen to come across, be it about conspiracy theories and information.

However I do have four roleplay blogs ready to be roleplayed with.

My roleplay blogs are the following..





Philadelphia: City of Shadows — A Roleplaying Chatroom


Unusual things have been occurring within the Philadelphia area. Things unexpected, things which go bump in the night. There has been a rise of paranormal activity, sightings of creatures of folklore and myth have been reported. News reports of genetic aberrations and human experiments gone awry escaping from laboratories and cover-ups have been made. Crime has been at an all time rise in the midst of a power struggle between local gangs and criminal families.

Human potential has been awakened. Citizens choosing to either do incredible good or evil have established themselves as heroes and villains. The City of Philadelphia has become a stomping grounds for the supernatural and superhuman. Dimensional barriers between realms forgotten and the modern world have deteriorated, and there have been few crossed over between realms.

And to make things even more unusual… Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrials have been sighted in the city of Philadelphia.

Hero. Villain. Survivor. Predator. Prey.

What will you be?

Philadelphia: City of Shadows - A Roleplaying Chatroom

Glitch in the Matrix


Inspired by sixpenceee's post about glitches in the matrix, I thought I would post some creepy ones that I have found.

I’m not really sure if this belongs here, but here we go.
When I was 15 I was incredibly depressed and struggling with my OCD and anxiety. It got to the point that I decided to kill myself. I arranged everything (Note, when, where, how etc.) and waited. I waited about a week until my parents went out to dinner. I attached a note to my door telling my parents not to come in and to just call the police, got dressed in my nicest clothes, showered, did my hair, and put a suicide note in my shirt pocket. My father had a number of guns and I chose one of them to do the deed with — a Beretta 92 handgun or something like that. I went into my bedroom, turned on some music and laid down on my bed. I put the barrel into my mouth, sang a few lines of ‘Freefallin’ through tears and pulled the trigger.
Then it went into a third person type thing where I was just watching myself. I saw myself laying dead on my bed, slumped over and bleeding everywhere. I watched myself lie in my own gore for what seemed like forever. Then suddenly it felt like all the wind get knocked out of me, and I was back in my body.
The gun jammed. I just threw it onto the ground and sobbed into my pillow for hours before cleaning up everything and going to sleep.
I have no idea what happened that day, but I’m more grateful than you can imagine. After that I really made an effort to turn my life around, and it did. It’s scary thinking that I wouldn’t be here right now if it worked.

About 4 or 5 years ago I worked at a Little Caesars Pizza. Usually I would work inside on the pizzas but we had just started up this Monday Madness deal where pizzas were only $4 on Monday so we needed someone to advertise. I was a wild and weird metalhead so I took up the position on Mondays of just going out there, throwing around a sign to get attention, and bring people in for pizza. Not exactly glamorous but I had fun.

One day while I was out there doing my thing I see a van coming straight at me. It jumps the curb and slams in to me and I feel it crush me against the electrical box controlling the street lights. I see a quick flash as the traffic lights flick off then black out.

I gasp and I’m still on the corner and nothing has happened. No van or anything. Well, I was a little shaken up so I decide to pack it up and walk back to the store for a break. I walk no more than 15 feet away from the corner when I hear a crash. I look back and a van just hopped the curb in to the electrical box and I watch the traffic lights flick off.

Needless to say, I took the day off. Still think about that from time to time.

  • A Terrible Nightmare (Reddit user deleted)

About a year ago I had a terrible nightmare.
It started off me waking up in bed during a thunderstorm. As the room illuminated again and again from the flashes of lightning outside I realized that the bed I was laying in wasn’t mine. The head of the bed was against the wall the the door was located on, and from my perspective I couldn’t tell if it was open or closed.
That is until I saw the face. At first, just the nose and jaw broke past the door frame, but then an entire face slowly passed through the door way. I tried to yell, “Who the fuck are you, where the fuck am I?”, but it felt like I had lost my voice. No matter how hard I tried to scream, nothing came out and this person continued to enter the room, looking dead ahead, away from me.
Then, just as the person was completely into the room, their head snapped towards me, and it locked eyes with mine. I tried to get out of the bed, but felt completely paralyzed. The person’s started making their way to me, but with every step their body contort in ways that would break a normal persons bones. Their neck snapped so the back of their head touched their back, their jaw layer flat on their chest, their arms had broken at the shoulders and migrated to their back like wings. Just terrifying shit. And just before they reached me, I woke up.
The next day I told my mom about it, and went into great deal about the room. Turns out it was almost an exact copy of my room when I was a baby. We moved out of that house when I was super young, like I have no idea what the insides to any room look like. Just kinda weird I guess.

During a spinal tap procedure I was put under. While under the anesthetics I had what I can only explain as an out of body experience seeing as how my view point was from above my body looking down on the procedure. I watched the whole thing and saw that the doctor knocked my game boy off the tabletop while walking by, batteries ejecting from the fall. One fell in sight and he picked it up but the other was next to the front left wheel under the bed out of his view.. but not mine. I woke up groggy and told him where my other battery was and he was shocked when he found it there. To this day it still weirds me out.

  • Sleep App by reddit user COREM

I have a sleep tracking app on my phone that has a setting for lucid dreaming. It will start saying “You are dreaming” repeatedly in a woman’s voice with a bit of an echo. I was at work one day when I started hearing the voice randomly every few minutes or so. Ii checked my phone and as soon as the screen turned I woke up in my bed as the sun was rising. A bit freaked out I went to take a shower. Then on my way to work I started to hear the voice again through the radio. When I turned my car off (a bit freaked out again) I once more woke up in my bed as the sun was rising. This happened about 3 or 4 more times, all at different times of the “day”. I didn’t trust reality for about a week after that and still refuse to use that particular setting of the app.

This happened when I was 11. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My grandfather was getting old and had been in and out of the hospital a few times that year. At that moment he had been in the hospital for probably 2 days. We had gone into the hospital to visit him where I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him and would see him tomorrow. That night, I went to bed, and had the most beautiful dream. My grandpa came into my room and sat in the rocking chair in the corner. He invited me into his lap and told me he was going away for awhile and that someday he would see me again. I shouldn’t worry, because everything was ok and he wasn’t in any pain. I smiled at him and gave him a big hug and told him I understood. I then looked over at my brother sleeping in the bunk below me and asked my grandpa if we should wake him up and tell him. When I turned back around to get a response from my grandpa he was gone. I ran to the window to look out onto the front yard. There he was waving at me. He whispered, “go tell your mom and dad exactly what I told you”. I looked back at the door to my room and then back at the front yard and he was gone. I immediately woke up, ran to my parents room and turned on the light. I told them exactly what grandpa had told me. They told me it was just a dream and to go back to bed. I told them again exactly what grandpa told me. Again, frustrated it was 2am, told me to go to bed and we would talk about it in the morning. Just then the phone rang, it was the hospital, my mother started sobbing, grandpa had past. At that moment she just sat there with my father staring at me. I still remember their faces. They both looked at each other, then me, then each other, and finally smiled and stopped crying. They gave me a big hug and told me they loved and to go back to bed. They ended up going to the hospital that night and my aunt came over to watch us. But we have never talked about that night since. In fact, I don’t think I have ever written about it, which explains the tears rolling down my cheeks right now. wow, that was liberating. And I am glad other people have had these types of things happen.

Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward it is an unconquerable enemy. You are unique among your brothers, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them, and do not forget me. I am here, my son.

Yamcha by Tovio-Rogers

Yamcha by Tovio-Rogers